Radio Lollipop re-opens are the new Gold Coast University Hospital with CareFlight Bears for everyone
2 November 2013  

Radio Lollipop volunteers have returned to the children's ward at the Gold Coast University Hospital. The team were given a break while hospital staff adjusted to the much larger Parkwood premises. It was time to return when children started to bug the nurses about bringing Radio Lollipop back! To celebrate their first night at the new hospital Radio Lollipop volunteers came "bearing" gifts - pilot teddies donated by Careflight.

Lucy, 11, was thrilled to see the happy faces of volunteers on Wednesday night. "I like Radio Lollipop because it takes you away from all the hospital stuff, and my favourite thing is that it puts a smile on all the kids faces," she said.

Ruby, 7, loved having her face painted like a tiger and baby Charlie gave his teddy lots of cuddles.

The state-of-the-art hospital presents new challenges for volunteers as the children's ward features mostly single rooms.

But thanks to donations from the generous community and relentless fundraising the Gold Coast team is equipped with lots of new art supplies, games and books to keep the sick kids smiling.

Location: Gold Coast, Australia