Boogie Beat Music & Movement Teddy Bears’ Picnic Week in aid of Radio Lollipop
2 June 2019  

Exciting news for Radio Lollipop!

Boogie Beat Music & Movement's fabulous team of franchisees will be running Teddy Bears' Picnic Events throughout the week commencing 10th June 2019 to raise money and awareness of Radio Lollipop.

The Boogie Beat Team has franchisees throughout England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales and everyone will be getting involved!

Boogie Beat Music & Movement sessions are based on traditional fairy tales with a lively and active dance twist, including the use of puppets, illustrations and music and they have devised a special Teddy Bears' Picnic session for their Radio Lollipop fundraiser!

Please check your local Boogie Beat Team for more details and how you can get involved.

There is no charge to attend the events, but if you would like to make a donation to Radio Lollipop, Lisa, Nicky and the Boogie Beat Franchisees around the UK would be thrilled, thank you!

Lisa Langford is a Radio Lollipop Alumni having previously volunteered with the Bristol Team before setting up Boogie Beat with her friend Nicky.

Thank you Lisa, Nicky and the Boogie Beat Franchisees for your support!!


Location: Bristol