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Radio Lollipop Newcastle take on the 2.6 Challenge
29 April 2020  

April 26th 2020 was supposed to be the day of the 40th running of the London Marathon but sadly was postponed until October 2020 because of the Corona Virus.  Did this deter over a million people of all ages in the UK from doing something to help the charities that stood to lose badly needed funds from the event – no it did not!!  So the 2.6 Challenge was born and Radio Lollipop Newcastle decided to take up the baton and came up with all sorts of fun or energetic ways to raise funds.  The amazing ideas ranged from :-


Dancing along to the Twist wearing 26 items of clothing a Radio Lollipop t-shirt included

Digging up 26 weeds

Eating 26 Smarties with chopsticks

Singing Purple Rain 2.6 times

Needle felting a 26cm Rainbow to support the brilliant NHS and Key Workers

26 reps of 26 excercises within 26 minutes

Learned to sign the alphabet with both left and right hands then learning to sign 5 Speckled Frogs

Made 12 origami animals without any practice and learnt to sign their names


A great effort and some fabulous ideas which can be used on the wards and someone now has a tidy garden.  Well done to all concerned.


Location: Newcastle upon Tyne