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A Radio Lollipop Love Story
27 March 2021  

Will and Courtney – Radio Lollipop Christchurch, New Zealand

When you think about Radio Lollipop, you think about children and games and bubbles. You think about the joy it brings the children and you think about the music. You don’t necessarily think about love and weddings. It’s not really in the branding! However, two Radio Lollipop veterans tied the knot a few weeks ago, in Christchurch, New Zealand after meeting three and a half years ago volunteering on the same night.

Will and Courtney didn’t plan on finding each other (who does), especially not somewhere like Radio Lollipop. Will says it was totally unexpected.

“It’s not why we do Lollipop,” he explains. “We do it for the kids. This is an amazing bonus!”

Will started Radio Lollipop five and half years ago while Courtney began on the Gold Coast for three years before jumping the ditch and joining Will on Thursday nights. She says they tried to buddy up as much as possible.

“We thoroughly enjoyed our time together on the wards,” she says.

Their favourite moment on the wards, funnily enough, was together. “We were on Ward 21 together and came across a little boy who didn’t want to play at all,” Courtney says. “Finally, we just started zooming cars all over the room, on the walls, everywhere. It was super fun.”

Radio Lollipop wasn’t just their meeting place either – it was a place to make long lasting friendships that would carry through to their wedding day. Monday night’s Tamara was the celebrant for the ceremony and Thursday night’s Tory was a bridesmaid and edited the photos. There were also many friends from Thursday night, and beyond, who attended.

Of course, bubbles, such an integral part of Radio Lollipop, were blown and the pair were married. Now, they join everyone on the wards again and hope to do so for a long while yet. 

Story created by Timmi Alpin-Barrett
Photo was supplied with kind permission of Jade Spence

Location: Christchurch, New Zealand