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Burleigh Bombers Ladies Day
31 July 2022  

For another year in a row, the lovely ladies over at the Burleigh Bombers hosted their Ladies Day, with the money raised from the rambunctious raffle going to Radio Lollipop! Preliminary counts suggest they brought in 1,000 big buckaroos – YEAH, THE GIRLS!

The afternoon was chockablock with good times and magnificent music. The daring DJ played a range of tunes, from Brazillian bops to harmonious hip-hop. Meanwhile, the Burleigh Sports Club kept us fueled with a range of treats – the Krispy Kreme doughnuts were a Lollipop volunteer favourite. Finally, we had the honour and privilege of running into Lollipop royalty – relatives of Danielle, the smiling face of Radio Lollipop you can find on our website!

Thank you to all the laudatory Lollipoppers and ladies who made today happen! Similarly, thank you, again, to the Burleigh Bombers for their continued support in providing care, comfort, play, and entertainment to the children of the Gold Coast University Hospital.

Location: Gold Coast, Australia