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All Aboard the Lolli-Trolli – Thank You
15 April 2022  

In 15 days you raised $15,000 for Radio Lollipop NZ.

We are so incredibly overwhelmed with the support we received from so many different people, brands and businesses for our first crowdfunding campaign to raise enough funds to start the build for our first ever Lolli-Trolli to our kids in hospital.

It takes a lot of people to raise a little charity over $15,000.00 and we are really grateful to everyone that helped, supported, donated and shared. 

There’s a so many different people to thank but firstly we want to thank Tim Pare, Anusha Bhana and The Funding Network for choosing us to have a spot in this program.

To our incredible supporters in the planning stages Faumuina Tafunai, from Flying Geese teaching us skills in Wayfinding & Mel Steel making sure our GiveALittle page was set up correctly, your help at the very beginning has not been forgotten, thank you for making sure our road map was on the right track.

Creating our sweet little video, with the tremendous support of our scriptwriter and our video editor Kevin and Co – was a highlight. We are thrilled with your creativity and the level of professionalism you provided. A big thank you to our incredible narrators Karishma, Kaushi, Maria (Happy Mum, Happy Child), Pete and Sophie represent our voice, we are so grateful for your contribution.

For all the photos and content, we were delighted to have the support of Radio Lollipop Glasgow & Run Mouse Run. 

None of this would have been possible without the wonderful Crowdfunding team – Amber and Chaz, you have not gone unnoticed. Your help and expertise is worth gold, we couldn’t have done it without you!

To every single one of you who donated, too many to list – words cannot express how grateful we are. You have truly helped our Lolli-Trolli on it’s journey.

The next phase will begin as we bring the Lolli-Trolli to life! Follow us as we start building NZ’s first ever Lolli-Trolli.

All of this, as ever is for the kids. Children in hospital – the heartbeat of our mission!


Location: Auckland, New Zealand