Radio Lollipop believes that:

  • Above all else we should provide care, comfort, play and entertainment to a consistently high standard.
  • We should be accessible, available and adaptable to meet the needs of sick children and their families in hospital and elsewhere.
  • Active Volunteers¬†supported by professional staff are our greatest asset.
  • All our people should be trained.
  • We must uphold the highest standards of ethics and integrity.
  • We should work as part of the care team supporting the sick child.
  • We should be fun for all involved.

Radio Lollipop aims:

  • To develop Lollipop services for sick children
  • To achieve the highest quality of service delivery though appropriately trained and supported Volunteers.
  • To develop our play and entertainment services for sick children in hospital and elsewhere.
  • To promote the awareness of the importance of play for children in hospital.
  • To develop co-operative partnerships with hospitals and other organisations with whom we work.
  • To create the financial resources to achieve these aims.

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