What people are saying about us!

“Radio Lollipop is not a frilly add-on. It is really helpful clinically – a calm child recovers better. Every member of staff and parent and child think it is fantastic…”

Madeline Ismach Head of Psychosocial Services, Great Ormond
Street Hospital for Children NHS Trust, London, UK

I just wanted to share a wow experience as a volunteer. And I think that last night may just be it.

Michael (another Volunteer) and I were playing Jenga with a 9 year old boy and his dad. They were both really kind, lovely people and we had great banter.  I love when the parents play because I think they deserve some entertainment too!

Midway through our first game the young boy turns to his father and says Dad, the pain has gone.  The young boy had been in ICU that day and his throat and face was very swollen. The father replies, that’s because Radio Lollipop are here playing with you and making you laugh. The father then turns to me and says did you know there is medical studies to prove that laughter really is the best medicine.

I replied, as a matter of fact I did. And that’s why we are here!

Ashleigh, Volunteer, Brisbane

“We were told to expect the worst. We were informed that if she made it through, she wouldn’t wake up being the same Abbie we knew. When Abbie woke from the coma, the only form of therapy that was suitable to her recovery was an hour of radio, streamed by Radio Lollipop everyday. We had to make sure she wasn’t overly stimulated because of her brain injury. So everyday we would cuddle up on her hospital bed and listen to Radio Lollipop and she would become so relaxed.”

Tristan Wallis Father of Abbie, 6-year old who survived the Christchurch earthquakes

“Radio Lollipop has been a welcome part of Mater Children’s Hospital’s for nearly 22 years. The services provided by the great teams of volunteers ease the burden of illness and hospitalisation for children and parents alike. Radio Lollipop brings to the Mater a place of happiness, calm, respite and FUN. Lollipop fits wonderfully with the Mater Mission of compassionate care.

Dr John O’Donnell Chief Executive Officer Mater Health Services, Brisbane Australia
Adjunct Professor, School of Medicine, University of Queensland
Adjunct Professor, Griffith Business School

“To All My Wonderful Friends (And Family) At Radio Lollipop:

Thank you so very much for making my stay here at TCH tolerable, memorable, and I dare say, for those 2 hours, twice a week, downright “enjoyable”. You are all the best and I love and will miss you very much. As much as I want to go home to Dallas/ Ft. Worth after over 2 months here, I will miss you all just as much. You are the best thing about TCH, and thank you all for the time you give to me, and all the kids here at TCH.

I love and will miss you all, “Marvelous Madison””

Madison – patient Texas Children’s Hospital, Houston, Texas, USA

“P.S. From Mom and Dad:

To Debbie, Myrna, and all the wonderful volunteers at Radio Lollipop: Words alone would never suitably express the gratitude and appreciation we hold for you all. You, along with the wonderful child life staff at TCH, are responsible for our daughter’s successful stay of over 2 months with our sanity still intact. We were equally as worried about Madison’s mental well-being as her grave physical status when we came here, due to her “heightened” anxiety and compulsiveness. However, despite the very difficult and tumultuous physical problems she has endured and still are ongoing, the mental side of the equation has been held in check without need of medical and psychological intervention, due in large part to her joy and anticipation of Radio Lollipop.

You all have no idea what a wonderful and fulfilling service you provide to both patients and us ever grateful parents. With our sincere thanks and appreciation, David and Stephanie.”

David and Stephanie Madison’s parents – Texas Children’s Hospital, Houston, Texas, USA

‘Radio Lollipop is a fun, musical addition to the Royal Hospital for Sick Children. It is a delight to see the volunteers interact with the patients and to hear the music pouring out from the studio when you walk through the main entrance. I have had the pleasure of seeing some patients hear their requested songs played over the airwaves a few times and it always brings a smile to my face!’

Denise Claxton
 Voluntary Services Manager, Royal Hospital for Sick Children Edinburgh, Scotland

‘I was in our room in the Gold Coast hospital children’s ward and a girl about 10 or 12 came in hooked up to a monitor. When she sat down I went up to her and introduced myself and said that I am a magician and would she like to be entertained with some magic. She agreed and I proceeded to perform. After a while the girl remarked that I must be a real magician. I enquired why she said that. The reply was “ You must be a real magician as all my pain has gone”. That has stuck with me from then onwards.’

Bert Lyster
 Volunteer and Magician, Radio Lollipop Gold Coast Hospital, Queensland Australia

“I first met you guys when I got here to N.I.C.U. she was not able to do anything but I was able to do it (the activity) and she got to win a coloring book! When she woke up she was able to color and that was nice because that’s her favorite thing to do!”

Mother of a 3-year-old girl
 Miami Children’s Hospital, Florida

“The nursing staff have been very excited about this project and the benefits it will deliver to the patients and their families. More than 2000 children are admitted to our ward each year and it can be a very stressful experience for many families. The support Radio Lollipop provides through projects such as this playroom upgrade and their nightly ward visits cannot be underestimated”.

Nora Lane
 Clinical Nurse Manager, Fremantle Hospital, Australia

“It feels so good to do something for Radio Lollipop because it makes the children smile and I just love performing for them. Hopefully, when they listen to my music, they will forget they’re in hospital and they will concentrate on the music SO much that the pain goes away. It’s like a musical pain reliever.”

Campbell MacKenzie – performer and ex patient Starship Hospital Auckland

“May I take this opportunity to let you know that we here on Campbell Ward at Armadale Kelmscott memorial Hospital are very lucky to have the group of “Radio Lollipop ladies” that we have and that they are very much part of the Campbell Team… We love them all…”

Susan Williams Acting Nurse Manger, Armadale Kelmscott memorial Hospital, Western Australia

“I requested some songs and I played a game that was fun and I won! I haven’t been in hospital since I was one so I quite enjoy it because I was a bit miserable about coming and then I got quite cheered up”

Maya Age 10, Ward 1 Royal Hospital for Sick Children Edinburgh

“My name is Peter Ruby and my daughter is in 5C with burst appendix and I praise lollipop as she was up at the studio on the radio having a ball.

Peter Ruby – Parent, Princess Margaret’s Hospital Perth

“They come round for you to do quizzes and you can win a prize. It’s a good thing for young people to request songs and they can hear them and listen to music whilst they’re getting treatment.”

Danielle Age 13, Ward 4 Royal Hospital for Sick Children Edinburgh

“Radio Lollipop is not just for the kids. It’s equally important for the parents! We love it when you guys are there.”

A mum Starship Hospital, Auckland

“I just wanted to say a thank you to Radio Lollipop volunteers David and Sinead who called in and saw my daughter Ella on the children’s ward at Joondalup Hospital the other night. She had a ball playing games with them and it really helped to pass some time”

Bev McCavanagh parent, Joondalup Hospital Western Australia

“I recall one ward visit made in Birmingham Children’s Hospital about 6 months ago. Myself and 2 other volunteers went onto a ward armed with board games. We met one young girl (about 8-9 years old) and asked if she wanted to play a game with us. She told us that she had been stuck in bed for 3 days, and that she had gotten bored of the tv/computer games that she had with her. We spent about 2 hours playing ‘snakes and ladders’ and ‘connect 4’. The patient transformed from being quite sullen and bored to suddenly being bright, happy and interacting with us, not just through the games, but also chatting about Radio Lollipop, and about her schoolwork, and friends, etc. She told us that she really enjoyed interacting with us RL volunteers. As we left to finish the shift, she said that RL had given her the best time so far that she had been in hospital.”

Aidan Thompson Radio Lollipop Volunteer (Birmingham Station)

“There was a young Down’s Syndrome girl on the ward who was really unwell. She came down to the studio and couldn’t deal with the pain, so went back to her room. She was in one of the isolation rooms, and her parents and grandparents were trying to get her to go to bed. I wasn’t sure if I should go in, but I knocked on the door and told her she’d won the prize. She stopped crying, settled down and everyone clapped. I saw her grandad down the hallway later on and he gave me a little wave as if to say, ‘Thank you so much’.”

Miriam Crowe Chairman, Radio Lollipop Gold Coast Hospital, Queensland Australia